Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mugshots for fun and thrills

The internet has opened up a whole new level of voyeuristic experiences!

Now you can check out who got arrested several thousand miles away in the Florida Keys. Here is a recent sampling of some of the criminals down south.

Why did I choose to pick on these deviant minds? Because if you have ever been to the Florida Keys, you know there are lots of crazies running around and the arrested ones are the best of the bunch.

First up, we have Shrek's wife Fiona on a bad day. She looks a bit miffed that she was arrested but that's what she gets for driving with a suspended license.

Next up, we have someone who is obviously pleased that she has a camera in front of her. Wide smile, curly hair, sparkling eyes. She doesn't care that the photo is for a mugshot. Oh wait, did I just see that her name is ...


This is Key West so that isn't too surprising.

OMG, they arrested SANTA CLAUS! I figured that jolly ol' Santa didn't spend his vacation time in the far north but I didn't know that he was a goddamn troublemaker. He got arrested for a municipal ordinance violation. Not sure what that means.

C'mon, give Santa a break and let him go. He's only got four months before he's got some work to do.

Does this guy look in the mirror? Does he think that the more hair he has the sexier he looks? Or is he trying to save money at Supercuts? I'm just not sure.

Doesn't this guy look like the central character in the Heaven's Gate cult? You know the guy ... he was in the press a couple of years ago and he made all his followers wear Nike sneakers and cover themselves in purple triangles before they all committed suicide.

This is further proof that a lot of people who you THINK are dead are probably just walking around somewhere. Key West is not a bad place to hide out. Sun, sand, and everyone is so drunk that even Obama in a bikini wouldn't be recognized.

I saved the scariest for last. This muthafucka is gonna kill you and all the people you know.

A big thanks to the police for rounding up these badasses!

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