Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A new orphan center!

There is a new building going up in Cambodia and it's our new orphan center.

But the children aren't *technically* orphans. They are older kids who come from very poor backgrounds and who will get the opportunity to attend a school in the nearby town. The center will give them a place to stay and study.

So we need a great new name for the center ...

Check out our facebook page and place your vote!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

a little weirdness for today

There is a large sign that I walk by almost every day and I haven't quite figured it out ...

There are two women, half a man and a bulldog bathed in spotlights.  The man is in the lower part of the picture and he doesn't look very happy about it.  I'm guessing from the suit that he works in a bank that isn't doing very well.  Or maybe he's upset because he doesn't have any feet.

The women, on the other hand, seem quite content.  Perhaps they are pleased that they are in the superior position and there is half a man below them.  Perhaps they had something to do with that arrangement.     Female power at its most provocative.

And then the bulldog with the big smile.  It's fat and has no reason to be happy because it's probably suffering from the usual long list of medical problems that bulldogs suffer from.   It is smiling through the pain.  It probably has a name like Brutus and likes to attack other dogs.

It's weird.  I know.  I really can't figure it out.

But if you think that one is weird, take a look at this one ...

"Grandpa, can you come over while I yell at my lover's crotch?"

"Sure, hon.  Should we all get naked?"

"Sounds great.  See you in a few."

This was taken a couple of years ago when I was in Amsterdam.  I have NO idea what this sign is trying to convey but it did leave a lasting impression.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The end is near and it's not about Harry Potter

For those people who don't live in LA, you may not care.

But for those people who do, we have the equivalent of a nuclear blast coming our way and it is commonly known as  ...


The 405 freeway will be shut down for a couple of days while they take apart a bridge for a roadway widening project.  This means that half a million cars will have to be diverted each day and it will be fun, fun, fun!

Everyone knows that the public transportation system in LA is a joke so that's not an option.

And walking anywhere in this city is illegal so that's out.

Riding a horse just isn't practical for a couple of days.  Neither is renting a plane.

So, my fellow Angelenos, we're going to have to tough it out in our cars.  I hope the good Lord blesses us with some great radio stations and a helluva lot of patience because we're gonna need it.

And we'll also need some alternate routes besides the 405.  Let's just say you wanted to go from North Hollywood to Santa Monica for work.  This is the road that you probably would take, highlighted in purple.

But while CARMAGEDDON  is going on, I suggest the route highlighted in red.  

Just tell your boss you'll be a little late.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Point Mugu in Malibu

There is some beautiful hiking to be done on the coast of Los Angeles, near Malibu.

Today I was at Point Mugu State Park and it was an incredible day.  With beauty like this, it's no wonder that we pay such high taxes for living here.

The hike took about two hours round trip.  The trailhead is at the Sycamore Canyon campsite.

Sometimes you just get lucky and get to snap a photo like this.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The street art of NoHo

I really wanted to write about the scary world of Michele Bachmann but someone else already did that today

...  so I'll keep that blog topic in my backpocket for another time.    

Instead, I've decided to post some photos that I took of the outdoor art that is in my backyard.  I have a big backyard; it's called North Hollywood and is located in the valley area of Los Angeles.  Most of these pictures were taken along the bike path next to Chandler Boulevard.

And of course, there is Alfred E Newman!  

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Savong School in Cambodia

Fourth of July at the beach

If you don't have a BBQ or a backyard, you might as well go to the beach for the fourth of July.

At least that was my thinking.

Here are some pics that I took during our most recent holiday.

Redondo beach ...

There is a carousel on the pier at the Santa Monica beach.  

And more pics from the Santa Monica beach ... 

Hope everyone had a great fourth of July.

Now get back to work.