Monday, March 17, 2008

Lessons in Dog Walking

Acton, California

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to go visit many of the dogs rescued from a hoarding situation in Lancaster, California. These dogs are currently housed at a facility in Acton, which is overseen by a rescue group called A Wish for Animals.

A hoarding situation occurs when an individual or group of individuals collect animals (sometimes with the best of intentions) and are unable to care for them. In Lancaster, nearly 400 animals were involved. By the time the rescue groups stepped in, the animals were either very sick or dead.

The dogs I saw seemed to be in very good health. The volunteers have certainly done an amazing job in rehabilitating these animals and now they are all ready for adoption. Many of them have abundant energy and would be so thankful to find permanent homes.

My friend and I spent about three hours walking the dogs. Or should I say, they walked us. Either way, it was an afternoon well spent.

If you would like more information and especially if you could help in any way, please contact A Wish for Animals at their website




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