Monday, March 31, 2008

Biking in Santa Monica

One of the best things you can do in Los Angeles is to bike along the beach on a Sunday morning. The path goes for miles from Santa Monica (upscale) to Venice (weird homeless vibe) and eventually down to Marina Del Rey (yuppie).

This is the end of March and I was wearing shorts. Viva La California!

This picture would have looked a lot better with a couple of hot bodies posing in it.

The Santa Monica pier. This is a fun place to visit, maybe once or twice. I remember it from the opening credits of Three's Company.

It was also the site of the climax for the movie, Cellular.

But you probably don't care about that.

This is me. I have chicken arms but cool sunglasses.

If you bike far enough down to Marina Del Rey, you come to Fisherman's Wharf. Lo and Behold, this is where the frozen banana stand was really located in the BRILLIANT (but prematurely cancelled) tv series Arrested Development.

In the series, the Bluth stand was located in Newport Beach.

The lighthouse has a snack bar where they serve awesome hamburgers. I heartily recommend them for thoroughly cleaning out your colon. If you order a water with your hamburger you have roughly two hours before your blow out. If you order a fruit smoothie with your dead meat, you'll be lucky to have thirty minutes.

Being a Canadian, I find the sign below very offensive! Where would you be, Hollywood, without Lorne Greene, Michael J. Fox, and Ellen Page? (We could also claim Jim Carrey, although not after The Number 23.)

This is just trash talk. No wonder this sign was posted on the side of a garbage can.

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