Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ultimate Doggie Fashion!

Just when you thought everyone was done talking about this year's Academy Awards, I have decided to bring some of the memories back.

But the good memories. Not the boring-acceptance-speech bad memories.

Do you recall the dresses that some of the women were wearing? Well, someone has decided to make them into doggie couture!

I know. I know. Your precious Pug or sexy Shih Tzu can be a little starlet and be the prize-winner to your heart!

Check out and click under The Red Carpet Collection. They have doggie designs in the dress styles of Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner. For the male dogs, you can either go with the transexual look or The George Clooney.

They ain't cheap but when it comes to showing off at the dog park, is cost really a concern? Not in Los Angeles!

Looks trumps dollars every time, even when it comes to your pet.

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