Saturday, April 26, 2008

Party in San Antonio!

Last week, two friends and I took a side trip out of our routine life and spent an extended weekend in San Antonio, Texas.

Why San Antonio? We wanted to go somewhere where none of us had been. Somewhere interesting. Large enough so that we wouldn’t get bored yet small enough so we wouldn’t be overwhelmed. San Antonio was a great choice; there is the famous Riverwalk, it is very pedestrian friendly, the people are inviting, the weather is great during this time of year, the food is awesome and it is culturally interesting. Don’t forget The Alamo!

If you’ve never been, I have to show you in pictures. Words don’t do this city justice.

Flower garlands for those feeling particularly festive.

And someone was even brave enough to wear this hat.

La Margarita in Market Square. Mexican food and great people watching.

A tree, just in case you were trying to figure it out.

Have fat friends. They make you look skinny.

The Riverwalk. Lots of restaurants, bars, shops and tourists. One night we ate at Dicks where the waiters insult you and you get to insult them back. Let me tell you; that place sucked.

The river is only three to five feet deep. This is a huge benefit if you're staggering home at 3 am and fall in.

The Alamo. A sign of Texas bravery and its most famous landmark.

A fountain at the Alamo. Not very exciting but it's peaceful, don't ya think.

Ya'll come back real soon!

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