Sunday, March 8, 2009

Family time

This past week, I did the family thing and visited my brother's family up in Fremont, California.

My brother wasn't there because he was running around Asia on a business trip but I had a lot of fun far away doing, um, stuff.

I played on the Wii fit. It told me my (metabolic?) age was 48. Wii fit, therefore, sucks.

I attended spin, step and yoga classes. I don't usually attend classes at the gym but my sister-in-law can be very convincing.

I don't recommend the step classes. There was a lot of arm flailing and spinning around while trying to step up and down on a small platform . It required a certain amount of coordination which most guys simply don't have.

I watched Son of Rambow. A gem of a British film about two kids who try to make a film about Rambo's offspring. Check it out.

And I got to ride in my bro's Smart Car. It's like being in a pretty cool golf cart. Apparently these vehicles have good crash test ratings but I wouldn't feel very safe in them riding on the California highways.

And I had a lot of fun photographing my niece. I love photography and she loved posing so it was quite a good match, dontchathink?

I spent a lot of time potty training the new pet in the family, Teddy Bear. He is a very cute little Yorkie Poo who likes the convenience of an indoor toilet.

It was hard to get mad at him. He loves everyone and just wants to please.

I even got a chance to go to the local veterinarian undercover while he got a vaccine.

I gave the clinic a B+. The technician didn't ask for restraint while Teddy was getting his shot, he moved, she let go for a brief second and the syringe and the needle were just hanging there in his back. Not exactly a smooth move but she did manage to get all the contents of the syringe under his skin.

At our clinic, we have someone restraining the pet while he/she is getting a vaccine unless the pet is very calm. And we definitely don't let the owners restrain just in case they don't do a very good job and the pet moves which, in a worst case scenario, could cause the tech or vet to vaccinate the owner.

Yep, it has happened. And owners are really not happy if they get vaccinated against dog diseases.

Here is the incontinent little puppy.

Getting dirty in the fountain ...

Could be another Marley in the making!

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Tenisha D said...

great pictures and I love your writing