Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Email from Savong

I'd like to pass along the email I just received from Savong who runs the English language school in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

They just updated his website and you can view it at

He has more information about the orphanage that he is running.

Hi Phil,
It's always good to hear from you.

The main things I would like as:
I need budget to purchase food for them daily $20
I need $3 daily for four children to state school
I need $150 for purchasing three bicycles for children riding to school
I need $100 for hiring a cook monthly
I need $80 for hiring accounter monthly
I need to purchase a motorbike for orphanage
These costs are to need at the moment for the orphanage. this orphanage's called "Bakong Orphanage" because it's close to temples area like:
Preah Ko temple
Lolie temple
Bakong temple
At the moment the orphanage has 14 people,one toilet,a bathroom,four rooms and one pump. And it's in Thnol Trong Village,Bakong Commune,Bakong District,Siem Reap Province,Cambodia.

This orphanage doesn't have any sponsors yet. If your friends can be sponsor for the orphanage,it'll be better and we can support many orphans and poor families.

If I had much fund I'll be going down counstrysides and collecting orphans and poor people ,this is my dream.

If you could visit Cambodia again it'll be making me happy and I want to see you again. If you're sure in coming here,please you let me know .

And if you have any querie, please you don't hesitate in asking me .

Much respect and admire to you

Hoping to hear from you soon


If there is anyone who can help him out, please let me know.



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