Monday, December 27, 2010

Trip to Universal Hollywood


Before the end of the year, if you buy a day at Universal Studios Hollywood, you get 2011 for FREE! 

(Blackout dates apply.  See the fine print for details.) 

So, like 200,000 of my fellow tourists, I made the trip over to the hill today to get my annual pass. 

Parking is a ridiculous $15 so I took the metro, which is completely free as I have explained in previous posts.  It took about 1/2 an hour to get there from my apartment. 

Unfortunately the crowds were a little crazy but there were still some options ...

Like play in the half-melted snow under the Grinchmas Christmas tree the Grinch's dog who fell asleep on the job

... laugh like a mummy after seeing how much a simple hotdog costs 

...stare at nasty foreigners with greasy hair

...get your picture taken with a bunch of astronauts

...get eaten by a shark

...walk quickly past the studio tour because the wait line was over 80 minutes long

...get drunk in a bar because there wasn't any wait to get in

...give up the studio stuff and go shopping at CityWalk

...get your picture taken with your best bud in front of the Universal globe

And for those people who really love this place, I'm sure there were job applications!  You too can be in the movie business!!!

Since I have the 2011 pass, I'll be back.  I haven't seen the new 3D King Kong and I like the Simpson's ride and walking all over the park is heck of a good workout, so I'll make the effort to return next month ...

when there are about 180,000 fewer people!

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Sabina Gallerani said...

I've been to Universal Studios last summer! Long way from Italy..:)) Loved it... and love LA!