Saturday, January 1, 2011


2011, is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship? 

I hope so. 

For new year's eve, I was catching the aloha spirit down in Malibu at a restaurant called Duke's. The food was incredible, the service was amazing ... well, there are a lot of superlatives to describe this restaurant. It was a great time and as an added bonus, there was very little traffic to get down there. From North Hollywood to Malibu, it took me about 40 minutes. In Los Angeles, that ain't too bad.

2010 was a good year; I travelled to Canada, Cambodia (twice), and Las Vegas, met some cool new friends, moved to a bigger and nicer apartment, started The Savong Foundation which will benefit a community in Cambodia and I think I helped a lot of animals at the clinic where I work.  But I also lost my best furry friend, Dusty, who had to be euthanized at the age of 17 1/2 years.  That was tough, really tough.

For 2011, I have a lot of hope.  I know it's possible to start anew every single day but the start of a new year is very symbolic and I want to make the best of it.  I want The Savong Foundation to be successful, I want to travel as much as possible (Boston, Canada, and hopefully Cambodia are on the list), I want to get back at my writing (especially my screenwriting), I want to get another pet and I want to believe that everything good is possible. 

So, we'll see what happens.  Stay tuned. 

For anyone out there who is reading, I hope that you get what you dream about too.  Because dreaming is what makes us human and sometimes, sometimes, sometimes dreams do come true. 

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