Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lesbian Canyon

This morning I decided to hike Lesbian Canyon. That's not the official name--that's what I call it because there are lots of women who walk here in twos. My guess is that they are either mommies or desperate housewives hiking the trail in the earlier part of the day.  There may be a celebrity here and there but it's hard to tell because everyone wears those oversized sunglasses that make them look like bugs.

And most of the women are in incredibly good shape, probably capable of kicking my ass if they wanted to. And if they knew what I was saying about them, they probably would.

The canyon is in Studio City which is in the valley part of LA. It's an easy hike, the scenery is great and I feel like I'm far away from the crazy traffic of the 101 and the 405. The circuit takes about an hour to do which is just long enough to recharge the batteries.

These are pretty crappy pictures.  I think it's time to upgrade my iPhone.

And if you're wondering how to get here, I've included a map below.  The official name is Fryman Canyon.

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