Wednesday, July 7, 2010

At Lake Belwood

This week I'm up in Canada at the family cottage that we've owned for about fifty years. I spent many of my summers here when I was a kid and even though I didn't always appreciate it then, I certainly appreciate it now.

My two brothers are here--it's a family reunion that is about ten years overdue-- and amazingly enough everyone is getting along. The septic system is ready to give up so I anticipate escalating grouchiness if the toilet backs up. Nothing ruins a family reunion faster than a full shitter.

This is the cottage. It has taken a pounding over the years due to the incredibly harsh winters. I also took a pounding from the incredibly harsh winters which is why I moved to Las Vegas.

Lake Belwood. I learned to ski when I was seven and I swam across the lake when I was twelve. It's an incredibly beautiful place but really only usable for three summer months. After that the cold winds come, the leaves change colour and everyone starts preparing for the cold white stuff.

And the sunset version. It ain't Hawaii but I still consider myself very lucky to be here.

Back in LA next week.

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Location:County Road 7,Centre Wellington,Canada

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