Friday, July 23, 2010

Memories of Cambodia

I was just going through my pictures and came across some that haven't yet been posted to my blog. 

First up, we have the bustling Siem Reap market.  There are very things that I can think of that are more pungent than this place on a hot day.  Get your meat early because there ain't no refrigeration! 

Next up, we have the "special" Khmer BBQ.  They have quite a selection.  And no, I wasn't brave enough to try the snake. 

And this was a bizarre but common sight; pigs on bikes.  These pigs were definitely alive and I'm guessing they were so calm because they gave up the fight after a few minutes.  Or maybe they were stunned.  It was a little hard to tell. 

I have more exciting news about Cambodia coming very soon!  Stay tuned!

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