Friday, August 13, 2010

Lunch in Malibu

Even though I live in Southern California, I sometimes forget that I have the opportunity to dine in overpriced restaurants that overlook the Pacific Ocean.

This past Thursday, it was a beautiful summer's day so I drove down to Malibu to see what I could find and drain my wallet of some well earned dollars.  I figured that I deserved some summer fun after the hell week at work. 

I had read about The Beachcomber Cafe in a local magazine so that's where I stopped.  It's a relatively small restaurant that sits right on the Malibu pier.  Apparently it's the new heart of Malibu.  Yahoo! 

If you're going, be prepared to do valet parking for $6 and have cash.  If you want to do some beach exploring and not eat at the restaurant, then the same parking spot will cost you $14. Those prices are fairly standard in LA.  Not too much of a surprise there. 

The view was really great.  Malibu is postcard perfect and the restaurant definitely didn't disappoint with the ambiance. 

Cheers!  Here's to the summer!  Get it while it lasts!

The menu was a lot of American fare.  I ordered a Kobe beef hamburger to the tune of $15. 

While it may look so-so in the picture (and they were a little stingy with the lackluster fries), the burger itself was pretty freakin' amazing.  Juicy, tasty and very filling.  I gave it an A+.  Yum. 

For two people, the bill came out to nearly $70 which included two drinks, an appetizer, two burgers and well, that's about it.  That's a lot of moolah for lunch but the view and the burger made the bill a little less painful. 

I definitely recommend the cafe.  I hope to be back sometime for some sunset drinks. 

Of course, I wasn't in a hurry to leave.  I had to take a picture of the scenery ... 

and some colorful kayaks ...

and an expensive car.  This is Malibu.  This is where you feel poor if you're middle class. 

And Friday it was back to work.  

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