Thursday, March 31, 2011

Introducing PANG

I am no longer dog-less!  Yahoo!

Pang was rescued from an animal shelter by the Lange foundation which is long-running organization operating in Los Angeles. I can't imagine why anyone would give up this great dog.  He's friendly, housetrained, affectionate, quiet, playful, obedient and even intelligent which is not usually a characteristic found in a Peke.  Yes, he sheds and he likes to act tough in the presence of other dogs --but these are really minor problems.

He's about two years old and is very healthy.  He's a happy guy and he makes me happy.  

Forget the dog bed.  This guy likes to spread out and take over the twin bed.  

Pang is a great example of how you can find some amazing pets in shelters or at rescue organizations.

If you need a four-legged friend and live in the LA area, here are a couple of websites that you should check out:

If you do adopt a pet, make sure you get him or her checked out right away by your veterinarian.  Bring all your paperwork and it's not a bad idea to bring a fecal sample to your first visit too.

And don't forget to ask your veterinarian about pet insurance!  I haven't looked after it yet (oops--Pang better stay healthy) but the company I'm going with is PetPlan and you can check them out here:

Be forewarned:  there will be many more pictures of Pang to come!  

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