Thursday, April 1, 2010

Made it!

I have only been here two days and all I can say is


I don't think I have taken a piss in two days because I am urinating through my skin.

Right now I am sitting on the porch overlooking the busy street below and getting heatstroke in the process. It is so dang steamy the Cambodians are complaining.

But it really feels great to be back. Yesterday we met with my friend Savong and visited the orphanage. The kids were great and a few brave ones tried to practice their English. After that we ventured up into the hill temple of Phnom Bakheng to witness the sunset. We didn't actually see it because they have put an end to the stampede of tourists descending the hill in pitch black darkness. Hmmmm, is the Cambodian government actually thinking about safety??? They ushered us down from the hill while the sun was still descending.

We spent the evening in a bar while the bartender entertained us with pretty cool card tricks. Drinking cold Angkor beer never tasted so good.

Today we took our lives into our hands and braved the unholy heat. I'm sure Dante's ninth circle of hell was cool in comparison. We saw Angkor Wat, Ta Prom (with the trees destroying the temples) and the Bayon (famous for it's huge faces). At each temple it was a challenge to avoid the hordes of Asian tourists and the Cambodian children selling books and Buddhas.

and so far I've taken about 500 photos. Not so bad.

Tomorrow we're gonna build do some humanitarian work and go build some pumps.

Signing off from Siem Reap...

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Location:Wat Bo Rd,Siem Reap,Cambodia

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