Saturday, April 3, 2010

Temples and tourists

There are some things u just have to do when you're in Northern Cambodia and seeing Angkor Wat at dawn is at the top of the list.

Of course it means getting up at 4:15 and stumbling through a dark temple with other tourists but the final spectacle is well worth it.

I have some great pics but all you're getting right now are the ones taken with my iPhone.

After Angkor Wat it was on to Ta Prohm temple and a couple of other smaller ones before the searing heat forced us home.

Now it's Saturday night. Time for dinner, drinking and maybe even a lady boy, don't ask.

Tomorrow I continue with my projects. At the orphanage we are starting to build another bedroom and a fish pond so that they can have a source of fresh food.

I have LOTS more to tell but I gotta get ready for dinner.


I feel like Indiana Jones when I'm here. No wonder why I love it so much.

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