Thursday, April 28, 2011

At the airport

I'm waiting at the London airport and it's gonna be a long wait since my flight has been delayed.

No, not that London. I never received my royal invitation in the mail so I will be viewing the nuptials of Wills and Kate just like the common people.

I'm in London, Canada and you can tell by the type of warm beverage that I'm enjoying.

Tim Hortons is to Ontario like Starbucks is to California. They are everywhere. And they have great donuts but I also like their fruit explosion muffins. Or maybe I just like the name.

So here I sit. Nice new airport by the way. I'm looking around and no one looks suspicious. There aren't a lot of people. They need some music playing. Or maybe some buskers.


This is gonna be a long wait.

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Location:Commissioners Rd W,London,Canada

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