Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Sifton Bog

This week I'm back in Canada to reconnect with my roots.

And speaking of roots, I spent some time at the Sifton Bog located in the great metropolis of London, Ontario, Canada.  This is a great place to bury mob hits if they don't cough up the required dough.

Nah, only kidding.  There are way better places to bury people.

But it is a good place to shoot some cool pics and in fact, this is where I took my first camera back when I went to the school right around the corner.

It's springtime here so the blog was flooded and the green plants have just started to appear.

And if you ever visit London, there are plenty of other exciting things to see ...

  • The University of Western Ontario (Home of the Mustangs)
  • Storybook Gardens (Canada's answer to Disneyland)
  • Riverside Park (lots of big trees)
  • Fanshaw College (where you can learn stuff)
  • um, well, there are other things but you just have to see them for yourself.  
Come visit!!

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