Monday, September 8, 2008

Last skiing of the summer

I started skiing when I was very young, probably around seven or eight years of age. My father was a big water skier in his day and there were many sunny afternoons when a group of us went riding around on the lake. I started out on regular skis. Then I was taught how to ride on a round wooden table top, surf style. We called it the disc. Then my dad put a chair on top of the disc and I rode on that. When I was feeling daring, I became the boy at the top of a skiing pyramid.

One Christmas, I got a pair of trick skis. They are much smaller than regular skis and don't have a keel, which allows for 360 degree turning. Once I put on those babies, I rarely went back to the regular skiing.

That doesn't mean to say I ever got good at skiing with the trick skis. The above video is proof of that. I can still do a few things but I'm mostly just messing around and swallowing a lot of lake water.

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