Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trouble the tripod

Trouble, my parent's ten year old Schnauzer, had her leg amputated because of cancer. The procedure was done last Wednesday and everything went quite well.

We picked her up on Friday and were given two types of pain killers and ten days worth of antibiotics. Even though she is a tough little patient, I could tell that the road to recovery was going to have a few pot holes. For the first few days, she was reluctant to walk, seemed withdrawn and most disturbing, she let out loud yelps seemingly out of nowhere. Thankfully, she was eating, drinking and eliminating normally.

We are almost a week out and Trouble has greatly improved. I have taken her off one of the pain medications (which has a tendency to make pets groggy and irritable) and removed the bandage covering the incision. She is walking much better and even going up and down a few short stairs. She sleeps much more comfortably and the loud yelps have disappeared.

I'm confident that she will be back to herself (minus a leg) by next week. Not too bad for a major surgery!

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