Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Greetings from Lake Cachuma

Sometimes I just have to get away but I don't always have a plan.  That's how I ended up in Lake Cachuma

Where is Lake Cachuma, you might ask?

Um, well, if you take the 101 north from Los Angeles and pass through Camarillo and then Thousand Oaks and on up through Oxnard and Ventura, you'll eventually end up in Santa Barbara where wealthy old people live.  If you head north from there (I think it's the 153), you'll end up in a man made lake called Lake Cachuma

If you pay $8 and show a valid rabies license for any pets, you can enter into the park area.  There is plenty of picnic places where you can enjoy the view but don't even think about swimming in this water.  Apparently, people DRINK from this lake and therefore it is expressly forbidden to touch your body into its pristine waters.  Of course, you can boat and fish and all the wild animals and birds can shit and piss into it but God only knows what will happen if you dip your human toe into the water's edge.  I shudder at the thought of this criminal act. 

The park wasn't very crowded so $8 provided plenty of R&R.   

I could only take so much of the sacred waters so I decided to move on to the next tourist attraction which was ...


I decided to use capitals and an exclamation point because Solvang needs all the help it can get in the excitement department. 

Solvang is a Danish town that was founded by some Danish settlers way back in 1911.  It could be described as "charming" with all the quaint shops but something about it doesn't really feel authentic.  Perhaps I'm just not used to seeing a European town in the middle of California. 

And there are windmills.  And coffee and pastry shops.  And boutiques.  Everything that you might expect in an expensive tourist town that resembles a Disney back lot. 

Solvang also has onions.  I know, I know, I was surprised too. 

There are plenty of places for old people to sit and rest their weary feet.  The flowers were real, by the way. 

There is ALWAYS time for a cheesy photo. 


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