Thursday, May 19, 2011

Princess Beatrice Royal Wedding Hat by Philip Treacy | eBay

A locally-made toilet seat in Haiti. Note the ...Image via Wikipedia

The hat worn by Princess Beatrice at the most recent royal wedding is going to raise a lot of money for charity.  

Currently on ebay, the latest bid is around $32,000.  That is $32 THOUSAND dollars which seems a little overpriced considering that it has been compared to a toilet seat.  

But I read somewhere that it might also be a stargate.  In that case, it might be a good deal depending on which part of the universe it takes you to.  

No matter what its function or design, all the money raised will go to a good cause ... 

So if you have some extra cash burning a hole through your wallet, you could certainly, at the very least, buy yourself a great conversation piece.  And you are drunk enough, you could even wear it out in public and pretend like you're a princess fifth in line to the throne.  

Click below if you're interested.  You know you want to.  

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