Sunday, May 29, 2011

So long to Eddie Long

If you like to get your sermons from a rich, homophobic yet cocksucking bishop, then all you have to do is take a trip down to Lithonia, Georgia and and sit in one of the the pews of the New Birth Missionary Church. 

Eddie Long, the head of the above church, is the latest prominent religious figure to be caught up in a sex scandal.  Last year, he was accused of coercing teenage MALE members of his congregation to have sex with him in exchange for gifts and trips to foreign countries.  While it isn’t that shocking anymore to have a married religious figure get accused of gay sex, the fact that Bishop Long was such a commited and public homophobe does add that extra dimension of scandal. 

When the news of his extra-marital activities broke last year, it was expected that he would attack his accusers with the same hell fire and brimstone oratory style that he typically spewed from his pulpit.  Instead, his supporters were told simply that he was “not a perfect man” and that he was going to fight it.   That’s pretty weak coming from a self-proclaimed gladiator.

Clue number one that he was guilty of at least some improprieties. 

The second clue came this past week when Eddie and his accusers agreed to an out-of-court settlement.  It is very obvious that if the bishop were 100% innocent (which you would hope based on what he has preached), then he would have fought a very public battle and screamed his innocence to anyone who would have listened.  Sadly, his supporters won’t find out what happened behind the closed mediation doors and they should fear the worst; their preacher who has soaked them for millions of dollars is a lying hypocritical piece of shit.      

Does Eddie Long deserve to be forgiven?  After all, even the worst sinners deserve a second chance according to the Bible. 

I don’t think so.  With his power and charisma, he could have chosen to promote peace and unity.  Instead, he chose to promote hatred and intolerance and has made even more people disillusioned with the church.  Yes, preachers should be held to a higher standard and they don’t deserve our sympathies when they fall from such heights.  No doubt there is a special place in hell reserved for people like Eddie Long.   

According to one news report, there is a lot more room in the pews at the New Birth Missionary Church.  Of course, that isn’t surprising.  What is surprising that there is anyone attending that church and Eddie is still spouting off his sermons.  How can anyone absorb what he is saying when he won’t even tell the truth about what he did with those four teenagers?   It’s sad that he doesn’t have enough respect for his core followers to at least give them that.   I’m sure he’s hoping that they will forgive and forget and continue to give him lots of money.  Lots and lots of money.

He’s got four kids that he has to pay off, you know.    

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