Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Memories of the Dominican Republic

A couple of weeks ago, I was down in the Dominican Republic which is one half of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.

There are many great things about this country but most tourists remember the long stretches of relatively deserted beaches ...

Did I go a little overboard on the photshop?  Hmmm, yeah, should have pulled back on the saturation a little bit but the colors are still pretty dramatic.  

This is my dad and not some random guy wearing trousers on the beach.  

At one of the restaurants, this dog was patiently waiting for the leftovers.  Fish bones?  No problem!  

Okay, yes, I take pictures of flowers ...

... and weirdly shaped structures that are difficult to tell if they are plant or animal.  

Sunset over Sosua Beach.  Sosua is on the north coast just adjacent to the big city of Puerto Plata.  As the sun goes down, most people's blood alcohol goes up.  

If you want to get it all out, then nothing should stop you.  No matter where you are.  

In this case, we were on the top of the mountain in Puerto Plata otherwise known as the National Park of Isabella de Torres.  There is a large Jesus here with outstretched arms, kinda like in Rio, but on a much smaller scale.  

This little guy was just hamming it up for my camera.  I luv taking pictures of kids.    

Lillies.  Just because.  Much less expressive than kids but they still possess a certain quiet charm.  

This is my tourist shot at the top of the mountain.  Great views.  Something a little different than just lying like a roast chicken on a beach.  

I'm looking a little pasty.  And that's because I bought 200SPF sunblock by mistake.  

This is a very large rock on a beach.  It's an amazing photo, isn't it?  

I said that because there really isn't anything else to say about it.  

Shells.  I took the time to edit this photo so I'm going to include it in the collection, damnit.  

These pictures were taken at La Boca which is a little hidden away from the usual tourist destinations.  Every time I've been here, it has always been deserted or almost deserted.  Great body surfing if you're into that kinda stuff.  

And there is a small restaurant here that serves the best fish I've ever tasted (not including sushi which is in a class by itself) .  


There are more photos on their way and I promise you they are way more interesting.  At least I hope so.

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