Thursday, December 11, 2008

Book Proposal!

During my sabbatical, I wrote a book about my adventures in veterinary medicine.

Now don't get all excited: I've lost about a third of it due to my hard drive crash and what I have needs a lot of edting. Let's just say that you ain't gonna see it in Barnes and Noble this Christmas.

But I have to come up with a really rocking title. Something that someone is going to read and say, "I have to buy this book!". I've spent the last hour trying to come up with something good but for some reason, I just haven't nailed it yet.

Here are some that didn't meet my high standards:

How veterinary medicine has made me want to work at Starbucks

Sometimes I want to bite back: Revenge tactics of a punctured veterinarian

Anal glands and abscesses: how to live your life in the animal fastlane

Doc, can I pay later? No, you can't: The tough economics of veterinary medicine

I went to college for eight years so how come I make as much as a plumber? and other questions you should ask yourself before you rack up $200000 in school loans.

Staff members that have driven me nuts

Cute kittens and pampered puppies: why can't all my patients be like them?

Buy this book so I can retire

Is it just me or did you pay way too much for your dog? questions I would like to ask owners but haven't

Keep Poofie alive until Christmas and other strange requests

If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to email me.

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Anonymous said...

Now I would have to buy your book just to make sure I wasn't one of the staff members that drove you nuts.