Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Underwear Affair

The following post is from my good friends Brandi and Mike whom I met while I was living in Las Vegas.

They have since moved to Vancouver and will be running in The Underwear Affair to raise money for cancers "below the belt."

This is a great cause and I hope that you can support them with any size of donation. And don't they deserve SOMETHING for being brave enough to run in their underwear!!

Thank you,

Dr. Phil

Hello Blogosphere! I don’t have a blog of my own, but Dr. Phil was kind enough to let me borrow his for this important announcement. Namely, the big local newspapers in Vegas are really missing out on a hot story. What with foreclosures, casino losses and entirely too much violence, Las Vegas needs some happy news. That’s why (aside from own selfish reasons) I stepped in and sent the following press release, which I don’t expect to be acknowledged.

That’s entirely too bad, because I’m sure the readers of those esteemed papers would love to send me money, I mean read about some former Las Vegas residents’ exciting new adventures in Canada! Please give it a read through, and if you have great ideas for fundraising or would like to send a donation, feel free to contact me at jopiquant@yahoo.com. 26 days to go!

ps – donors of $25 or more who have donated as a result of this blog post will receive an autographed photo as mentioned in the press release. Also, US residents will be donating in Canadian dollars, so you get a wee discount due to the exchange rate. Bonus!


Former Las Vegans “on the Run” in Canada

Vancouver, BC, Canada – June 12, 2009 – While they moved to the Vancouver area nearly two years ago, the lights of Las Vegas still warm the hearts of former Las Vegas residents and UNLV alumni Brandi Harrington and Mike Toscano.

It’s a good thing their hearts will be warm because they’ll be running in their underwear next month. “Vegas, Baby!” is the name and theme of their team for the Underwear Affair 10k race taking place in July 2009.

The race raises funds for research for cancers below the waist, such as cervical and colon cancer. All participants pledge to raise at least $300 for this great cause that doesn’t always get as much attention as others. The Underwear Affair really tries to eliminate some of the stigma by bringing it right out in the open.

Runners wear all manner of crazy costumes, on a variety of themes. “When we were thinking about a team for a hot summer run in the barest of essentials, we naturally thought of Vegas,” says Brandi. With one month until the race, fundraising is officially open.

Hometown support of $10 or more would be gratefully appreciated. Donors of $50 or more who send their address will receive an “autographed” photo of the team in their race gear. “Vegas, Baby!” promises to do Las Vegas proud on July 11, 2009.

Brandi Harrington
Vegas Baby!

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