Thursday, September 24, 2009

Technology at 10,000 feet

How amazing is it that I can post to my blog while flying on a plane?

In the last half hour I have also downloaded a Kings of Leon song, played with my Army of Darkness app and read about Mackenzie Phillips' shameful life (note to Mac: I think you're great but some things should be kept between you and your shrink).

But it isn't all peaches and cream at this altitude. I have a four year old behind me that is kicking the back of my chair at regular intervals, I am sandwiched in my seat like a canned sardine and every so often I smell something a little odd; I suspect emissions from an older guy sleeping in the chair next to mine.

Before I even got on the plane I was off to a bad start. Like a complete moron I packed a bottle of gourmet honey (costing $30) in my carry-on. It was confiscated by an angry security agent.

She should be happy; now she has something to sweeten her damn tea with!

And if you haven't travelled recently, be prepared to pay for checked luggage. Delta charged me $20 for one suitcase one way. Air Canada charged me the same amount but they managed to screw up the transfer in Denver leaving me without my clothes for 24 hours.

Okay back to checking out more iTunes.

-- Posted from my iPhone


Brandi said...

Hmm. Within Canada you get two free checked bags on Air Canada. And you can leave your shoes on if you want. The BS with the liquids still applies, though.

amtcj said...

I mourn the loss of your honey. However, that's a pretty sweet iphone picture!