Thursday, March 4, 2010

Generous support

I would like to thank all of the supporters who have recently donated to help Savong's school (, Savong's orphanage ( as well as my Cambodian Good Water Fund. 

A very special thanks to the Yokohama International Woman's Club who has given me $550 to spend on the children. 

I also have very generous supporters in Canada and the United States.  I am so thankful for all the good will. 

During my time over in Cambodia, I will put all this donated money to very good use.  I have been in contact with foreigners living in Cambodia and have learnt a lot about the best way to handle donations.  It isn't as easy as it first appeared!  

I am still hoping to raise enough money to build an addition onto the orphanage.  I realize this is a tough time for everyone but if there is an extra money in your wallet or purse these days, I assure you that it will be well spent on the less fortunate. 

Please stay tuned. I hope to keep everyone up to date with pictures and articles.

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