Thursday, March 18, 2010

Leaving home

For the past four years, I've called Studio City home.  I moved there after I got the brilliant idea that I should move to Los Angeles and try something a little different after living in Las Vegas for 12 years. 

I found an apartment during one crazy weekend of searching.  It was an older apartment but the location near Ventura Boulevard was great and it was only a five minute drive to work.  The rent was $1500 (2 bedroom) which was really hard to swallow considering that I had been paying less than $700 for my mortgage in the City of Lights.  Everyone had warned me that living in L.A. was expensive and now I was discovering it for myself.   

No problem, I thought.  In two years, I'll be a famous writer living in the Pacific Pallisades. 


Life can be so damn cruel sometimes. 

Anyhoo, I never intended to stay in the same apartment for so long but time passed quickly and I gradually adapted to the things that annoyed me initially (the beige carpets, the worn-down laundry facilities, the dark cave atmosphere and the upstairs guy who yelled obscenities every morning).  Towards the end, I was comfortable where I was but for me, that was a sign that I had to move on. 

Dusty was there on there final day.  Yep, that's him on the carpet and not some heap of furry clothing. 

If anyone needs an apartment, it is now available.  Right on Moorpark next to Coldwater Canyon.  It is within walking distance to Starbucks which I suppose is a plus in L.A. 

As for me, I have moved to a much newer apartment complex in North Hollywood, or NoHo if you want to be fancy about it.  I'm staring out of my window looking at blooming azaleas and palm trees.  There is a rooftop pool and a club house and a gym.  So far, I'm really digging it. 

And I'm here for the next 14 months. 

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