Sunday, January 1, 2012

Apologies to Morro Bay

There is a big mistake with this picture which you might not immediately catch.

Oh Happy New Year and all that.  I hope 2012 in a good one and the Mayans are wrong and everyone gets what they deserve--good or bad.  Moving on ...

I took this picture in the fall and I guess it has been a while--or maybe my memory isn't very good--because I could have sworn this place was called Mono Bay.  So I photoshopped it with a big mono bay sign which is unfortunate because it is called Morro Bay.

But I have better things to do with my time than play on photoshop (cleaning, doing laundry, walking dog, shower, eat and plan world domination, not necessarily in that order ...) so I have decided to leave it as is.  It didn't take me long to do but still, I think I hear my dog peeing on the carpet ...

Morro Bay is a great spot to visit.  Not sure I would want to live there (it's a little too sleepy for me) but it is very picturesque and they had some pretty good chowder on the docks.  It's on the coast, north of Los Angeles on the way to San Francisco.

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