Wednesday, March 7, 2012


It's amazing what kind of crap you can find when you're surfing the internet.  In some cases, it is worthwhile crap or at least, interesting crap so I usually find myself exploring further and at least giving the crap a 30 day trial.

Today, I came across filterforge and to be very fair, this program is not garbage and I highly recommend it if you use photoshop.  As you may know, the filters in photoshop are very limited (and most of the time a complete waste of time) but with photoshop, the filter possibilities seem endless and most of the time, they are pretty freakin' cool.

I played around with a couple of them this afternoon and turned some photos into tricked out wonders.  I decided to make a collection of some countries that I have visited.

First up, we have Cambodia of course, my latest obsession.  I have always loved this photo.  It came together at the end of the day when two monks were wandering around the famous Ta Prohm temple.  The original photo isn't quite in focus so the photo is improved when it is "disguised" with a little filter magic.

Next up, we have Canada.  This is Lake Belwood situated about an hour outside of Toronto and on a warm August morning, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world--in my opinion, of course.  Summer doesn't last long here; by the middle of September, it's all over till the following June.  

The DR, as most people like to call it.  An island paradise where the people are friendly, the beers are cold and the music is hot. If you come here, you'll spend some lazy days unless you get diarrhea and then you're running a lot to the bathroom.  Bring some pepto and don't drink the tap water!  


I really miss France.  I lived outside of Paris for a year just before I entered University and I fell in love with the whole country.  One of my favorite spots is Mont St. Michel which is the large Abby situated in the northwest corner of France in an area called Normandie. In the picture below, the large red splotches are actually poppies.  Not the best use of filterfoge (it looks like an impressionist painting that was left out in the rain) but it took me quite a while to do so I'm putting it here.     

You can check out filterforge at  And yes, they do have a free trial.  

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