Thursday, February 25, 2010

Zombieland hat

If you didn't give ZOMBIELAND a chance when it was in the theaters, you should definitely check it out on DVD. 

Don't think that you've seen it all before.  Sure, you get plenty of undead targets and the hodge-podge group of humans trying to kill them.  There is plenty of gore to satisfy any horror fan.  And you get the comedy which was already done to perfection in the British flick SHAUN OF THE DEAD.

But ZOMBIELAND has something that the other films don't offer; a sense of glee.  Yep, the humans (especially Woody Harrelson's character) enjoy kicking zombie ass.  It's as if the whole world has become a real-life House of the Dead videogame and they're out to enjoy it.  They even go to an amusement park to further emphasize the carnival atmosphere.  Hell, zombie killing has never looked so dang fun.  If only those suckers were real!  


Unfortunately zombies aren't real and I will never appreciate the apparent satisfaction of blowing away undead brains.  I suppose that also means that my spleen won't ever get eaten by rotting undead teeth so I suppose the advantages outweigh the drawbacks. 

But it certainly does not mean I can't look like a zombie killer. 

Cringe as you might, but I was able to track down the hat that was worn in the movie by Woody's character.  As it turned out, they are awesome hats and very affordable.   They are made from recycled tarp used in the Brazilian rainforests and since they have survived the jungle, they probably can survive anything your head can give them. 

The website is Real Deal Brazil

Now I'm ready to go get me some undead.  If only in my dreams. 

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