Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Leaving on an airplane

The bags are packed.  I'm wearing my cold weather clothes and I've said all my goodbyes.  Except for one and I apologize to Krisna.  I'll have to send him a message on facebook. 

Today was a great last day.  We started off the day with a swim and massage.  I dined on lemongrass chicken by the pool and then we packed up.  In the afternoon, Savong picked us up and took us out to the middle of nowhere where there is a very poor family who needed a water pump

I had met this family a couple of days ago.  The father has five children and the mother died.  They all live in a tiny shack made up of palm leaves. 

Ooops, I gotta go.  My luggage is disappearing and the car is ready to go. 

I have SO much to tell and lots of pictures to share. 

See ya!

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