Friday, January 15, 2010


My amazing badass Pekingese made it to the very ripe age of 17!   I adopted him (along with his brothers) when he was five years old and he has survived falling off a balcony, falling into an infinity pool, falling down a flight of stairs and being crushed by a human falling on top of him.  (For the record, all of these were accidents and I swear I take good care of him.)   

He only has one eye and has multiple health problems but he still seems to enjoy life and LOVES to eat. 

He especially likes McDonald's french fries so that is what he got for his birthday.  Yes, I realize that salty fast food is not very healthy for a 17 year old human never mind a 17 year old dog, but at Dusty's age he deserves to get what he wants.   

Of course, he had to wear his party hat because he was in a particularly festive mood today. 

Congratulations Dusty.  You are an awesome dog! 

yer daddy

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