Thursday, May 20, 2010

My imdb page

I recently found out that I'm on IMDB, otherwise known as the Internet Movie Database. 

This is really not the first time.  I was on it before because I was an extra in the remake of the movie Oceans 11.  If you slow down the movie and watch for me at the edges (widescreen version only!), I can be seen in three casino scenes.  On IMDB, I was listed as Man in Casino until someone thought that wasn't very important and deleted it.

This insult is nothing compared to what happened while I was on the set of Oceans 11.  I was standing next to a woman and an assistant told me that she was too attractive to make us look like a believable couple.  He told me to stand by myself while a better looking guy was substituted in my place.  I kid you not.

Hollywood is a tough business, like they say.   

Because of my stint on Celebrity Rehab (as a veterinarian and not an addict), I am back on.    Yeah!  In your face, Oceans 11!! 

From this point forward, I'm taking all inquiries for reality shows including Survivor, Dancing with the Stars and American Idol (FYI, I do a mean version of Poison's Talk Dirty to Me).

My listed credits are below:

IMDB page

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