Friday, October 15, 2010

End of a Quick Vacation

It didn't last very long.

I was up in Canada for about five days and it went by as quickly as you might imagine. It was a good time to visit; the leaves were turning into their rich amber and orange hues, the air was crisp and there was a crackling fire in the fireplace every night. It was too cool to swim or even take a canoe ride but the weather still didn't prevent me from taking a diaper load of pictures. I'll upload some of those later but for now I just have my iPhone photos.

Lake Belwood is about an hour outside of Toronto (or Toranna if you want to spell it correctly). Although I much prefer it in the summer, it is still a beautiful place to be in the fall.


And now I'm flying on Virgin America making my way back to LA.

I like the plane; the inside lights make it look as if I'm in a cheesy nightclub but I'm okay with that. The movies are not free (bad) but there is wifi available (good) although you have to pay for it (bad) and I haven't seen a flight attendant in a while (bad because I'm parched) and for some reason I'm sitting in the middle seat (very bad) but at least the women on either side of me are neither fat nor talkative (good) and they don't have a gas problem (very good).

So I would say the comfort factor is around a 7.

Soon to be back in LA. Where all your dreams come true.

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